Where Should We Go?

Explore some of the beautiful options

Honl’s Beach

A convenient little beach located right in the heart of Kona! It can get busy, so this spot is best in the early morning or close to sunset. This spot features beautiful soft sand and lava rocks. Houses or hotels may be in your backdrop since it is a small beach. Great if you are looking for something close to town and limited walking from the street parking to the beach.

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Waikōloa Beach

A stunning beach with golden sand and patches of lava rock. This beach is very long, so if you are up for a walk there is always a way to get secluded pictures, even on a busy day. almost guaranteed to see a sea turtle here in the evening, however, it is important to keep our distance. This spot has beautiful sunsets as well! An ideal spot if you want to get dinner at the iconic Lava Lava Beach Club or Kuleana Rum Shack! It is also right next to Queen's marketplace where you can wander around some fun shops before or after your session.

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Manini'owali Beach (Kua Bay)

A classic golden sand beach with clear water and lava rock. This beach is great for swimming or doing underwater photography. There are a lot of people here during the day and on weekends there tend to be a decent amount of people at sunset as well, however, it is a very large beach and it is easy to make it look like you were the only ones on the beach. I do recommend early morning sessions at this spot simply because that makes it way easier to find parking, but later in the day a lot of the beach dwellers head home and you can find parking once again.

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Secret beach

This beautiful little spot takes a small hike to get to from the beach linked below but it is well worth it to have this spot all to yourself! It does seem to flood at certain times of the year so it may not be accessible but there are many little coves just like this one in this area. The beach linked below is also rarely busy and a great option if you don't want to walk as far. The parking lot is small so if we go at a busy time I will probably recommend parking at Spencer Beach nearby. It makes the walk a bit longer but there are also restrooms, showers, and safer places to park at spencer beach. If you are thinking about this spot just reach out with any questions and we can go over the details.

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Holoholokai Beach Park

A great combination of white coral, black lava rock, and palm trees. This beach is more secluded and offers a large area to walk around, explore different spots, and avoid any people who might be there. It is almost never busy except for sunset on the weekends and even then it is not very busy at all. A great option if you aren't planning on going swimming (it is hard to get in) but still want those fun shallow pools to stand in or sit next to. The water is very clear and makes a perfect backdrop. I recommend shoes for this spot. The coral and lava rock can be sharp in some spots, however, there are a few spots with sand where you can take your shoes off if you like.

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Honoli’i Beach Park

This is probably one of the best surfing spots on the island for beginners. It is always specked with surfers, locals, and people having a good time. It is hard to find parking on weekends but this spot is awesome if you want greenery, water, a beautiful sandy beach, and good vibes. Such a beautiful location.

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Actually, it’s nature itself that creates the most beautiful pictures, I’m only choosing the perspective.

— Katja Michael