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This guide will provide you with pricing options for different packages based on hours of coverage.

More than your photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most significant moments in your life, and I would be honored to be a part of it! As your photographer, I promise to be more than just someone who takes pictures. I want to be the one who helps you laugh, cheers you on, and captures every beautiful moment along the way.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but you don't have to do it alone. Choosing vendors who are not only skilled but also care about your day as much as you do is essential for peace of mind and reassurance that your day will be everything you've dreamed of.

For me, weddings hold a special place in my heart. It's not just about exchanging vows and signing a piece of paper; it's a collection of intimate, fun, and adventurous moments that celebrate your partnership. My goal is to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere throughout the entire experience, so you can be yourselves and enjoy the day to the fullest.

This is a day you'll remember forever, and I want to help make it absolutely epic! Let's work together to create the wedding of your dreams and capture every beautiful moment along the way.

Let's go on an adventure!

I believe in capturing more than just beautiful images. I want to take you on an unforgettable journey where we explore breathtaking outdoor locations and create extraordinary memories together.

An adventure session is not your ordinary portrait session. It's an immersive experience that embraces the spirit of exploration, spontaneity, and authenticity. It's about stepping out of our comfort zones and venturing into awe-inspiring landscapes that reflect your adventurous souls.

During our time together, we'll venture into nature's playground – whether it's majestic mountains, enchanting forests, sun-kissed beaches, or any other stunning backdrop you desire. These natural landscapes become our canvas, providing the perfect setting for capturing your love and connection in a way that truly stands out.

But it's not just about the destination; it's about the journey. We'll embark on hikes, discover hidden gems, and even engage in thrilling activities like climbing or kayaking if you're up for it! It's in these moments that we'll capture genuine emotions and create photographs that are filled with the raw beauty and excitement of the outdoors.

Adventure Session Package: $700

Unforgettable Photography with 2 Hours of Coverage (additional $100 per hour of additional coverage)

Our Adventure Session Package offers an immersive and exhilarating photography experience in breathtaking outdoor locations. With 2 hours of dedicated coverage, we'll embark on an adventure together, capturing stunning images that reflect your love, connection, and adventurous spirits.

Package Highlights:

  1. 2 Hours of Coverage: We'll have 2 hours to explore the chosen location and create extraordinary memories. This allows for a focused and meaningful session, capturing a variety of shots that showcase your unique bond and the natural beauty of the location.
  2. Immersive Outdoor Experience: This package is all about embracing the great outdoors and creating authentic moments. We'll go beyond traditional poses, encouraging genuine interactions, laughter, and spontaneous adventures. The goal is to capture the essence of your relationship and create images that evoke joy and wonder.
  3. Location Selection: Together, we'll select a stunning location that resonates with your vision and reflects your adventurous spirit. Whether it's a picturesque mountain range, a serene forest, or a sun-kissed beach, we'll find the perfect backdrop to showcase your love story.
  4. Professional Editing and High-Resolution Images: After our adventure, I'll carefully curate and edit the best images from our session. You will receive a collection of high-resolution, professionally edited photographs that beautifully depict the magic and beauty of our time together.
  5. Online Gallery and Print Release: Your images will be showcased in a secure online gallery, where you can conveniently view, download, and share them with loved ones. Additionally, we provide a print release, allowing you to print and display your favorite moments as cherished keepsakes.

Please note that this package includes 2 hours of coverage and is designed to focus on the adventure session itself. It does not include additional services such as engagement photos or wedding day coverage. However, it offers an immersive experience, creating extraordinary images that reflect your adventurous spirits and the profound connection you share.

If you're ready to embark on a photography journey that captures the essence of your love and takes you on an unforgettable adventure, let's plan our session together. Contact me to discuss your vision, desired location, and any specific ideas you may have. Let's create breathtaking photographs that celebrate your love and the beauty of the great outdoors.