Curious about what it means to Elope?

What is an elopement and how do you do it?

An elopement used to be something that wasn't talked about much, and maybe you still don't hear much about what it really means to elope. Times are drastically changing and the wedding industry is very different than it was 50 years ago. Couples are deciding to make choices that reflect their own individual style and personality when planning their wedding. The traditional wedding still exists, but less and less couples are taking that route. There are so many ways to express your own individual love story! It is no surprise that weddings are evolving into unique experiences that showcase what really matters: the couple! So what does that mean for elopements? To answer that question you first need to know the modernized definition of what it means to elope.

An elopement is...

an intimate wedding experience that prioritizes you as a couple. It differs from a traditional wedding because it aims to be less of an event and more of an experience. An elopement encourages you to focus on your own desires when it comes to your dream wedding. You are able to choose each & every activity that will be a part of your timeline without unwanted pressure or expectations. There is no right or wrong when it comes to planning your wedding day. All that matters is that you create a day that is meaningful to you.

Everyone has differences that make them who they are. Some individuals love to be the center of attention and throw big events or celebrations, some individuals don't. In fact, some people get anxiety the second they imagine themselves standing in front of 100+ people. A large traditional wedding is not for everyone, and there's no reason for it to be the only option! If you are filled with excitement at the thought of spending a whole day doing activities you love with the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with, then your dream wedding might be an elopement.

There is no right or wrong way to get married. It is the act of committing yourself to the person you love, and the whole experience should be meanignful and special. Think about what would make your wedding one of the best days of your life, and then start planning. The sky's the limit!

How do you plan an elopement?

Planning a wedding day can be tough, even if it is just the two of you. Don't worry though! One of the hardest parts is talking through what you both imagine for your wedding day. Write down what you think is necessary, what would be a fun addition, what is not wanted, and so on. Once you both have your ideas out there the planning doesn't seen as daunting. Try to remember that the whole experience should be fun, even the planning! It helps to go one step at a time & try to avoid putting too much pressure on yourselves. I love walking couples through the planning phase because there is so much room for creativity! Each couple's story is different & your wedding day should showcase who you are as a couple.

Why a full day Elopement?

You don't need to miss out on anything when you choose to elope! Weddings are whatever you make them, and if you choose to have an intimate ceremony that doesn't mean you need to give up having a full day wedding experience. It's actually quite the opposite! This day is yours to fill with activities and adventures that you both will enjoy doing, without compromising for anyone else. You both get to come up with a special day that will create memories you will cherish forever! Elopements are so much more than exchanging vows and taking pictures. This day is incredibly special and should be just as much of a wedding DAY as any traditional wedding.

An Example Timeline

If you are wondering what your day could look like...

10am - Getting ready pictures in the lakefront home that will double as the start to your honeymoon for the next few days

12pm - An intimate first look at a scenic, woodsy spot close by

12:30pm- Head to downtown Whitefish for some Mountain berry bowls & Montana Coffee Traders

2pm - Time to drive into the mountains

3pm - Take a few hours to explore scenic locations & find the perfect intimate spot to exchange vows

4pm - Drive down the road to the campsite where you will start a little fire, play your favorite music & have your first dance

5pm - You are starving after such a fun filled day of love! Share a pizza, takeout, specialty dinner, or whatever makes you two happiest

6pm - Meet up with a few friends for celebratory S'mores & music at your campsite

8pm - Sunset stroll down by the lake to soak it all in & capture a few more intimate moments. If you are the spontaneous type now is definitely the time to jump in the lake!

It's your day!

Above is an example of what your day could look like, but there are countless ways to construct your wedding day! It is a day that should be filled with all of your favorite activities, foods, and tunes. As Elopements become more and more popular it is easier to envision what it could look like, but you don't have to plan your day around what you see! Reach out if you aren't sure where to start or are struggling to think of activities you and your partner would enjoy. The whole goal is to create a special day that you will remember forever.