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Happy you're here

I'm so excited that you're interested in learning more about adventure elopements & intimate weddings in Arizona! This state is such an amazing place to get married and there is a crazy amount of variety. Whether you are the type to hike up a mountain for a stunning overlook or spend the day exploring the city, AZ has some perfect spots to choose from!

More than your photographer

This is your wedding day & I will be so much more than someone who follows you around with a camera. I want to be your motivator, adventure guide, pack mule, and buddy! Elopements are extremely near & dear to my heart. An elopement isn't just a vow exchange in a cool place, it is a collection of intimate, fun, adventurous moments that shape your wedding day. I want my couples to feel comfortable & at ease throughout the entire experience. This day is one that you are going to remember forever, & I am going to help ensure that it absolutely epic!

Why is full day coverage important?

This is your wedding DAY. It will be your anniversary forever & pictures of these moments will be hung on your wall or made into priceless photo albums. You will tell the story of your elopement countless times and flip through the pictures so your memory doesn't fade over time. This day is SO special, a few hours of coverage just isn't enough. You deserve a wedding day full of memories & intimate moments just as much as anyone having a traditional wedding. Value this one-in-a-lifetime day and invest in preserving all the sweet memories you will make.

Pricing Guide

12 hours + 4 hours

This is a two day package where you can make the absolute most of your wedding experience! I will capture every second of your dream day & we will plan an unforgettable adventure session for the day after!


12 hour day

Full day coverage! The entire day will be captured. Fill your wedding day with amazing experiences and know they will all be documented to enjoy forever!


8 hour day

8 hours offers close to a full day of coverage. This timeline often covers the ceremony and ends part way into the reception. You may be sacrificing coverage of getting ready in the morning, dancing at the reception, and the send off.


4 hours

4 hours of coverage often covers the ceremony, pictures with family & friends, a cake cutting, and first dances. The timeline may differ depending on your wedding events. If you have questions please reach out!

Travel is not included in this package.


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Common Questions

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based in Arizona most of the year & Montana during a majority of the summer. I love to travel & would be more than happy to chat about destination elopement or intimate wedding options!

When will we get our photos?

You will receive a sneak peek gallery within two weeks of your elopement or intimate wedding. Depending on the length of coverage, your full gallery will be delivered within 6-12 weeks.

How many pictures will we receive?

The amount of pictures you will receive depends on the length of coverage. For example, you will receive more images from a 12 hour day compared to an 8 hour day. You will receive all of the final edited images in your gallery. There is no additional fees or pricing per image.